We Have Eyes, CNN! Outlet Calls Kenosha Riots 'Fiery But Mostly Peaceful' While Reporter Stands in Front of Raging Blaze

Nick Kangadis | August 27, 2020
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Oh, CNN. Isn't it cute how they think they're actually reporting reality, when in true reality they attempt to shape every single story that comes across their desks in order to push false narratives on a daily basis? "Fake news" isn't even the appropriate term for what CNN does anymore. It's simply pure propaganda.

CNN national correspondent Omar Jimenez was reporting on Wednesday from Kenosha, Wisconsin covering the riots that have been taking place nightly since the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake.

The problem? Well, the CNN production team's crack squad of story-shapers posted a very interesting chyron that kind of, maybe just a little contradicted the scene directly behind Jimenez.

Take a look:

At least they acknowledged the fire, I guess.

The radical media isn't attempting to hide their lies anymore. It's blatant, overt and actually pretty insulting to anyone with a functioning brain. We can literally see the lies. Get a grip, CNN.