‘We Don’t Care’ - ‘He Only Gets Better’: Media Backs Biden Blunders

Eric Scheiner | April 1, 2022
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

After two hundred and sixty-one days of ignoring Hunter Biden’s mounting scandals and corrupt business activities, the evening network newscasts finally reported on President Biden’s corrupt son. Yet despite the rediscovery, the media turned a blind eye to their previous claims that Hunter's laptop and his deals with China were “Russian disinformation.”

When it came to defending Biden's Putin regime-change gaffe, you can always count on Morning Joe to hit rock bottom in its pathetic pro-Biden sycophancy. Mika Brzezinski praised Biden's remarks, claiming "He only gets better." And Joe Scarborough agreed, calling the gaffe "a good thing."

This week Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the “Parental Rights in Education” bill which bans teaching children in kindergarten through third grade about “sexual orientation and gender identity.” If you thought the bill’s final passage meant the media would stop freaking out about it, think again. All three evening news broadcasts labeled the banning of sex talk with five-year-olds “controversial” during their coverage.

For a glimpse of these moments of media madness and more watch the Wacky MOLE video.


A complete look at all the media liberal boot-licking can be found on NewsBusters.

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