WATCH: Woman with TDS Vandalizes Trump Sign, Gets Car Stuck as She Flees

Ferlon Webster Jr. | July 22, 2019
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A Georgia woman exhibited symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome last Monday after she drove off a highway road through a barbed wire fence to access and vandalize a Trump 2020 sign.

The incident was caught on George Bentley’s security camera. Bentley, a Cobb County resident, told WSB-TV he took extra care to protect his property (and sign) and couldn’t find a good reason anyone would attempt to destroy his signpost.

“It's a free country, and we love America, and we're happy with the guy that's in there now,” Bentley said. “We want him to be elected again in 2020, and we wanted to give our support for him.”

In the video, the woman can be seen driving her SUV through Bentley’s fence making her way to the site that caused her presumed distress. Her spray painting antics began (and ended) there. 

“It really irritates me. I believe people should be able to protest, but not on my property, you know?” 

The woman did protest on Bentley’s property, but she had a problem as she tried to leave. Her vehicle had some trouble driving back over the barbed wire fence she initially made it through. 

Realizing she couldn’t get her SUV to budge, the Trump-hater left it at the scene of the crime - making it extremely easy for her to be identified.

“If the car hadn’t been here with the tag on it, and we just had video of the person, it would have been really tough,” Bentley said. 

The car belonged to 20-year-old Azaria Moore who has been charged with criminal trespass and failure to report a crash. If convicted, Moore may face up to five years in prison, according to WSB-TV.

“We're sorry you don’t like it,” Bentley said in response to the incident that is estimated to cost him thousands of dollars. “Go to your place and do your own display, but leave ours alone.”

H/T: The Blaze