WATCH: ‘Where’s My Mask?’ Biden Searches For Outdoor Mask He Never Had

Eric Scheiner | November 16, 2021
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As Joe Biden meandered out of the White House alongside Kamala Harris on Monday he wasn’t wearing a mask. It was a move that seems very reasonable, being outside at the time, but eventually his mask insecurity seems to have kicked in.

After delivering a rambling speech about the more than $1 trillion infrastructure bill he was about to sign into law. A thought seemed to occur to Biden. He was about to sit maskless and outside surrounded by more than a dozen Democrat lawmakers and administration officials. 

“Oh, my mask?” he muttered before jogging back to the podium and conducting a fruitless search for a mask that he didn’t wear. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer walked by the befuddled Biden as he searched. Schumer smiled.

It seemed to be yet another confusing moment for Biden during an odd signing ceremony. 

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Biden promised White House signing pens for everyone. “Everybody gets one!” he said.

Pelosi seemed less than enthused to accept the pen Biden used to sign the legislation. She took the pen Biden placed in her hand and gave it back to him, patting his hand gently.

Biden stood up, looking a bit confused. People clapped, music played, and the live feed of the signing ceremony came to an end.