WATCH: When Pro-Abortionists Seek Divine Validation

Jessica Kramer | October 4, 2021
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As if the Women’s March couldn’t get any more repugnant, this past Saturday’s “Rally for Abortion Justice” in Washington, D.C. opened with a “faith gathering.”

Started at the first Women’s March by “Jewish Women of Color,” Saturday’s “gathering” featured a lot of new age spiritual language and virtually no substance. It was all about the power within, the power of women, and combating “patriarchal language.”

Pro-abortion protesters are seeking divine validation for their “activism” (which is their main form of worship). It was peak liturgical leftists on full display. 

 “We’re here to ground ourselves spiritually,” a speaker said at the event.

“For those who are used to more traditional prayer, you will find perhaps some surprises and some discomfort. I hope that’s productive discomfort that opens us up to thinking about power and challenging the exclusive masculine, patriarchal power. 

We do that today not just in our rally and our march and our protest, but also through the language of our prayer, experimenting, perhaps for some us - very comfortably, and others not  - with using feminine God-language and other names for God that are not the traditional masculine names for God. 

If is not comfortable for you, theological freedom abounds, and I also welcome you to practice seeing what opens up in our ways of thinking about power within ourself  - and the way divinity rests within ourselves and around us.”

Watch more in the video above.