WATCH: Video Allegedly Shows GOP Electors Being Denied Entry into Michigan State Capitol

Nick Kangadis | December 15, 2020
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It's not exactly clear what's happening with our election process. Are people cheating? Is everything a figment of one side's imagination? How can there not be fraud when there has been in every election in recent memory? So many questions by all sides, and the politicians don't seem to care about giving any credible answers.

During Monday's Electoral College vote at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, video has emerged allegedly showing GOP Electors being prohibited from entering the building to have both their voices and votes heard.

In the video, a Michigan State Police officer could be heard rebuffing the claims of the people waiting outside. The officer told the supposed Electors that all of the Electors the state of Michigan is recognizing were already in the building and "checked in."

"The Electors are already here," the officer said. "They've been checked in."

Here's video of the interaction, which has been seen over three million times as of this writing:

Who knows anymore, folks? Were the people outside waiting actually GOP Electors? Was the officer just following the orders of his superiors, both for the state police and the politicians? How could all of the Electors already be checked in if there were more waiting outside? Can anything counted be confirmed as legitimate or illegitimate at this point? Even if it is, will the majority of people trust the decision?

The slippery slope seems to have morphed into a free fall.