WATCH! Uncommon Sense: Colin Kaepernick Sucks...Again!

Nick Kangadis | November 29, 2016
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At "Uncommon Sense," the mind-numbingly stupid will find no refuge. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Look both ways when crossing the street. We will rock you!

We don’t prey on people’s legitimate sensitivities, but we hunt for faux outrage - and whatever the heck “micro-aggressions” are supposed to be.

We’re going to Liberalville, and taking them to a place called reality!

In this episode of "Uncommon Sense," I tackle the Golden Jackass recipient that so many of you have been clamoring for: San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

I'm calling out Kaepernick out for his firm stance of support for certain "accomplishments" he believes late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro put in place to benefit the Cuban people.

Kaepernick has said that he admires Castro for his education spending, implementation of universal health care, helping free late South African President Nelson Mandela and aiding in the end of apartheid.

"Uncommon Sense" spears Kaepernick, much like Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso did this past week, with an abundance of facts in the face of Kaepernick misguided admiration of the dictator.

Sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy the fireworks!

Watch the latest episode of "Uncommon Sense" below:


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