WATCH: Thief Takes 'Trump' Sign - Allegedly Leaves 'Antifa' Propaganda

Eric Scheiner | May 6, 2020
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Virgina authorities are investigating stolen Trump signs and "Antifa" propaganda left in mailboxes.

Virgina's Page County Sheriff's Office is asking for help to find a suspect that stole a Trump sign and a flag from someone's property, and then left "Antifa" literature. The law enforcement office posted video of the incident on their Facebook page.



According to the Page County Sheriff's Office:

The male subject approached private property and allegedly stole a political sign and a flag. It is alleged that the suspect also left 'Antifa' propaganda at the property. Page County as well as surrounding counties have been receiving reports of 'Antifa' propaganda being left in mailboxes and on private property.

Authorities continue to investigate the incidents which occurred last week.

The suspect may want to be careful.

"Lucky to be alive... If that’s who’s house I think it is," one social media commenter posted.

Images of the suspect and the vehicle used in the incident are posted on the county sheriff's Facebook page.