WATCH: Students Have No Clue Why They Want Clarence Thomas' Name Removed From Historical Building

Nick Kangadis | December 11, 2018
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For being indoctrinated by their far-left college “professors,” you’d think some college students would like to know why they hate something. But, they seemingly never do. It must be all that off-color hair dye seeping into their brains.

Campus Reform’s Media Director Cabot Phillips went to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to talk to students about a current petition to remove Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ name from the school’s Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation. The recognition was given to Thomas, not only because he’s a prominent judge, but also because he’s a native of Savannah, Ga.

Phillips first asked students what their thoughts are on the petition to remove Thomas’ name from the Historic Preservation building. You’d think their responses would’ve surprised me, but these type of low-information answers have become commonplace on college indoctrination centers all over the world.

“We should probably just take his name off the building,” one "woke" student said. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

Okay…Might we ask why?

“I think…I guess just…” the same student said before trailing off into oblivion.

This was the common theme throughout until the last little bit of the video where some students were actually against the petition.

“No, I really wouldn’t sign that petition,” another student told Phillips. “And once again, I wouldn’t sign that petition simply because I feel that even though the student body might have its certain view and values, just because you don’t agree with somebody doesn’t mean you shouldn’t honor them.”

Absolutely! That kid gets an A-plus!

The petition to remove Thomas' name from the building was cancelled in October, according to the Daily Signal. That petition reportedly garnered "more than 2,400 signatures." But, a subsequent petition was posted on to keep Thomas' name on SCAD's Historical Preservation building. That petition is almost at its goal of 25,000, with around 22,400 signatures as of this writing.

The dumbassery knows no bounds in this video until the very end. To get a glimpse of the low-information responses, watch below:

 H/T: Campus Reform