WATCH: #StopTheTires - Truckers of TikTok Explain Upcoming Strike

Katie Moon | November 13, 2020
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The Truckers of TikTok are promoting a strike known as “#StopTheTires." From November 26 thru 29 truckers say they will be parking their trucks and not moving, with an exemption for the transport of medical supplies.

The truckers say the protest is over their mistreatment during the pandemic and Joe Biden proclaiming himself the President-Elect.

Biden has said he wants to eliminate fossil fuels and fracking, a major concern to the truckers since the industry is greatly impacted by diesel fuel prices.

In addition, they are concerned with the movement to defund police. With all of the chaos going on, truckers feel unsafe. There are truckers driving through the areas where the police have already been defunded that have been pulled out of their trucks and beaten up.

You can watch the #Truckers of TikTok share their stories in the video above.

These truckers claim they are the best ones to make a stand against big government, and that parking their vehicles may be the strongest stand they can make.