WATCH: Stephen Colbert Reveals Favorite Bible Verse, Saint, and Question for Pope Francis

Barbara Boland | March 3, 2015
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Comedian Stephen Colbert is most famous for his show The Colbert Report and for being chosen to replace David Letterman on “The Late Show” – but not everyone knows that he is also a practicing Catholic and has been a CCD (religious instruction) teacher.

Colbert revealed to Father James Martin in an interview for the Catholic magazine America who his favorite saint is, what he’d ask Pope Francis if he had the chance, his favorite Bible verses, and more. Colbert even did a “liturgical dance” interpretation to one of those 1960s songs that he confessed he’s not a fan of (“I’m not a big guitar Mass person” he said.)

“From a doctrinal point of view or a dogmatic point of view or a strictly Catholic adherent point of view, I'm first to say that I talk a good game, but I don't know how good I am about it in practice,” Colbert told Neill Strauss for Rolling Stone in a 2009 interview. “I saw how my mother's faith was very valuable to her and valuable to my brothers and sisters, and I'm moved by the words of Christ, and I'll leave it at that.” 

Colbert told the magazine that his faith played a very big part in his life. Strauss said that far from the bloviating character Colbert played on his hit show, he seemed more like Ned Flanders in person.

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