Watch Sierra Club Prez Squirm and Repeatedly Ignore Cruz's Questions on Satellite Data

Craig Bannister | October 7, 2015
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Sierra Club Pres. Aaron Mair repeatedly refused to answer – or even acknowledge - questions about data refuting global warming posed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing yesterday.

When asked about satellite temperature data showing no significant warming trend over the last 18 years, Mair simply refused to admit the data even existed – over and over again.

Asked about the term “the pause” used by global warming activists to refer to the inconvenient data, Mair repeatedly squirms and confers with advisors – then persistently ignores Cruz’s questions.

Likewise, when Sen. Cruz asks Mair if the Sierra Club would be willing to issue a retraction if presented with data showing the Earth is not “cooking,” as Mair claimed it is, Mair stubbornly refused to answer, repeatedly saying that his organization stands by its position that man-made global warming is plaguing the planet.

When Mair asserted that the "science is settled" and the debate over because “a preponderance of the evidence” suggests he’s right, Cruz – who practiced law as Solicitor General for Texas – set him straight, pointing out that “preponderance of evidence” means as little as 51% - not nearly enough to forbid debate on a subject.

Cruz's legal lesson seems especially fitting, since Mair looks and sounds like a mobster seeking and getting advice from counsel - then repeatedly pleading "The Fifth" to avoid self-incrimination.

Watch the Sierra Club president stuck in a loop when he can't handle - or even acknowledge - the truth.