Watch: Rep. Green’s Latest Call For Impeachment - Evidence to Come From News Media

Eric Scheiner | March 14, 2019
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For what might possibly have been the 1000th time, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) took to a mostly empty House floor on Wednesday and pontificated as to why he wants to impeach President Trump.

Just to get through it, we trimmed his speech down (a lot) and put the 1812 overture finale behind it (watch the video above).

In his long-winded speech, Green explained he would vote to impeach the president for slave mothers and fathers whom had their children ripped away and sold at auction, because he’s an ally of the LBGTQ community, and because of Trump’s bigotry.

One might ask where Green has evidence of Trump’s bigotry?

“Easy answer.” Green told the vacant chairs surrounding him. “The same way we got the proof that we brought to the floor of the House for colleagues who had resolutions that were to condemn for bigoted statements - same way. We get them from news sources.”

Yeah, the news sources. They have a great track record. Just ask the Covington High School students.

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