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WATCH: Pro-Abortion Students Walk on Pro-Life Memorial Display of Students For Life Group


Planned Parenthood supporters recently showed up to the University of Texas-San Antonio to protest the Students for Life group who displayed a memorial for babies aborted by the government funded organization.

A grassy court on the school’s campus was full of tiny pink crosses dedicated to the aborted children.

The small group of leftist protesters couldn’t contain their anger when they saw the event.

“I had an abortion!” one student shouted as others cheered. “Look, there’s mine right there,” she said as she pointed to one of the pink crosses representing an aborted child.

“I’m just so slutty I got pregnant, so I had to get an abortion. Jesus still loves me though,” she said.

“I love sex and abort fetuses,” another said. “That’s my number one kink.”

The female students stood and walked in the middle of the pink cross display exclaiming how proud they were for having abortions.

“My uterus loves advocating for abortion,” the student yelled.

“For all the women out there, I am so sorry that you have decided to succumb to this system of patriarchy,” she said. “Your mothers betrayed you.”

How ironic it is for someone who proclaims their love for their abortion to say, “your mothers betrayed you.”


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