WATCH: Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Shooting- After Rioters Tear Up PA City

Eric Scheiner | September 14, 2020
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Police fatally shot a man during a domestic disturbance call, which led to riots and vandalism in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Hundreds took to the streets of Lancaster causing disturbances following the shooting death of Ricardo Munoz, 27, on Sunday afternoon.

Some reports indicate that misinformation on social media may have spurred the rioting activity.


Police publicly posted the officer's body camera video on social media Sunday. The disturbing video shows a man chasing an officer down a sidewalk with a knife in his hand before shots were fired.


The county district attorney’s office is investigating the incident

WFMZ-TV reports the rioters gathered outside the police station, damaged a vehicle and were throwing objects at officers. Tear gas was eventually used to disperse the crowds.



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