WATCH: Pastor Slams Democratic Party As ‘Party Of Death’

Eric Scheiner | October 20, 2020
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"The Democratic Party has become the Party of Death and Catholic Joe Biden is their standard-bearer," Pastor Ed Meeks told his congregation at Christ The King Catholic Church in Maryland.

In a sermon, recorded Oct. 11, Fr. Meeks said:

“It is almost become a cliché to declare that we have reached a tipping point in our nation, but it is also true and it is time for faithful Catholics and other Christians to stand up courageously and forthrightly to confront the evil that has overtaken our culture and say enough is enough. Because whether you are aware of it or not. There are powerful forces in government at every level, as well as in the mainstream media and in the Silicon Valley technocracy that are working aggressively to silence the church through legislation lies, intimidation and censorship.”

Meeks also focused on three "non-negotiables" for Catholics when it comes to voting: sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, and religious liberty.

CNSNews reports Fr. Meeks' message was so powerful that Protestant Rev. Franklin Graham promoted it on Facebook, stating, "it really is this clear. I’m not a Catholic, but Father Ed Meeks states the facts that in this election we are facing biblical and moral issues that should be vitally important to all people of faith. Take a minute to listen to this."

You can watch the complete video above. It has already received over a million views on You Tube.

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