WATCH: Parents Hold Reopen Rally To Send Message To School District

Eric Scheiner | August 13, 2020
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Parents in Mt. Lebanon, PA rallied for school reopening on Wednesday, hoping to send a message to the district.

Parents rallied for a choice, either a return to traditional in-person learning or a hybrid model.


KDKA TV reports

‘Please don’t take the choice away from my child, who has IEP that skews towards social,’ said Hillary Lohr, a Mt. Lebanon parent of an eighth-grader. 

Many parents are advocating for substitutes to come in if some of the district’s teachers are concerned about returning. 

'We have individual families that can pay for private tutors, for tutors to come into their home and school their kids. And you have individuals that cannot afford that,' said Kimberly Mauro, a Mt. Lebanon parent. 

A recent survey by WalletHub showed 55% of American parents want in-person schooling. Those wanting schools to reopen claim that it’s important to kid’s development according to the survey.

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