WATCH! NBC WH Correspondent Admits Biden Team Limits Reporters -‘No Chance’ Biden Would Take ‘Uncomfortable Question’

Eric Scheiner | March 17, 2021
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We all know the leftist national media is biased toward Biden, but it’s always a little surprising when they openly admit it.

NBC’s White House Correspondent, Geoff Bennett, was part of a 'Reporting on the Biden White House' panel on C-Span Tuesday, that addressed how the Biden administration was using Covid restrictions to manipulate the media and select friendly national reporters.

“I think one of the things that people didn't get a good enough sense of, and this was certainly the case during the transition, was that the Covid restrictions allowed the Biden team to really limit the reporters who were brought into those press conferences in that theater in Wilmington. And then beyond that, they were able to select the folks who got to ask questions of then President-Elect Biden,” Bennett said.

“Now, that's not to say and frankly, by doing that, the White House comms - now they're the White House comms - but then the Biden comms teams, they were basically doing their job, right? They had a message that they wanted to get forward and they were trying to protect their principal.” 

“They didn't know the questions that we were going to ask, but they certainly knew who we were. All the reporters were known quantity. So there was no chance they were going to call on, you know, some local reporter from some unnamed newspaper who was going to ask Joe Biden a potentially difficult or uncomfortable question,” Bennett added.

Not surprising, but certainly convenient, isn’t it?

Bennett continued, “And so I think, you know, that's something we should, I think, be very aware of when these Covid restrictions start to lift and more people get vaccinated. Is, you know, to your point, does the White House still sort of have sort of the preexisting footing and the preexisting approach when frankly, at some point soon, hopefully, you can still  - you'll be able to fill a Rose Garden and have potentially, you know, dozens upon dozens of reporters ask questions and ask follow ups of the president.”

So, “at some point soon, hopefully” reporters will be able to ask real questions of Biden.  

Don’t hold your breath waiting.

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