MSNBC’s Dyson Calls Cosby A 'Nasty' 'Hypocrite,' 'Man Who Will Rape' Black Community


Bill Cosby’s call for neutrality from “black media” seems to have tremendously backfired, even among the most liberal outlets.

MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson called the actor-comedian facing several rape allegations a “hypocrite” for calling black members of the media industry to remain “neutral” after not having mentioned race in his 45-year-long comedic career and failing to address black issues with the "right tact."

“Look – Bill Cosby has had an incredible career as the Mark Twain of American comedy, and for 45 years he has never mentioned race in his comedic act," Dyson said. "Now all of a sudden he becomes a race expert because he is pissed off. “

Host Alex Wagner chimed in, “And many in the black community have said he has had not the right tact in talking about the issues that plague African Americans.”

“Right,” Dyson said. “You’re beating up on people. You’re a hypocrite by doing so...”

“Bill Cosby has been relentless and nasty,” he fired.

Dyson then sharply criticized Cosby as a man “who will rape” – as in, take advantage of – the black community now that he needs its support in this his time of need.

“The very kind of man who will rape a woman allegedly is the same kind of man who will rape an entire black community – poor black people who are vulnerable before him, using his powerful foot to clamp down on their necks.” 

He went on to mention what he deems “a bristling part" of the black “psyche that needs to be addressed”:

“Black people who think that tough love and hate are the same thing and that excoriation is the sign of an affection, I think here, have to also admit this is something that is a bristling part of our own psyche that needs to be addressed.” 

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