WATCH: MS-13’s ‘Animal’ Talks About Killing Teen

Eric Scheiner | May 22, 2018
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A judge sentenced 23-year-old Joel ‘Animal’ Martinez to 40 years in prison and two years supervised release on Tuesday, after he admitted to killing a 15-year old boy and racketeering activity in December.

Fox News reports, The U.S. Attorney's Office in Massachusetts announced that Martinez, will be subject to deportation once he's released from federal prison.

Recorded conversations of Martinez admitting to stabbing the boy to to death were released by the Boston Globe.

"I stabbed the culero three times," Martinez said in the recordings, adding, "He stared at me and he asked me if I was going to, if I was going to stab him. I told him, 'Yes, the Mara rules you.'"

The White House is right. Animals.