WATCH: Mitt Romney Greeted by Chorus of Boos at Utah GOP Convention

Nick Kangadis | May 3, 2021

You ever encounter someone who other people might outwardly dislike, but said person has no idea why even though anybody with two ears and two eyes can comprehend the reason for it even if they don’t agree with the animus towards the person? Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is such a person, apparently.

After Romney was introduced at the Utah GOP convention on Saturday, he received a mixture of responses. But, the boos Romney heard pretty much drowned out the applause.

Romney tried to subdue the upset crowd by repeatedly asking a question that was meant to direct the boos towards President Joe Biden instead of himself.

“So what do you think about President Biden’s first hundred days?” Romney asked the crowd.

The boos just continued and got louder.

“I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues,” Romney continued.

They’re not booing you because of that, sir. They’re booing because you voted to impeach former President Donald Trump during a witch hunt…twice.

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“You can boo all you like,” Romney also said.

Don’t worry. They did.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?” Romney asked the portion of the crowd that was booing.

Critics of Romney could ask the same of the former Republican presidential nominee.

The booing died down after Utah’s Republican Party Chairman Derek Brown reminded the audience to “show respect” following something they had spoken about earlier in the night, which was most likely that even if people don’t like a certain speaker that they shouldn’t voice their displeasure.

While being respectful is the way to go in terms of treating people, the same could be said of the politicians who don’t consider their constituents when making laws that don’t benefit the people. It’s a two-way street.

For video of Romney being raucously booed, watch below:


H/T: Yahoo! Entertainment