WATCH: Martha's Vineyard Resident Praises DeSantis For Flying Migrants To Her Town

Brittany M. Hughes | September 21, 2022
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While the fine people over on Martha’s Vineyard spent the weekend hemming and hawing over a few dozen migrants dumped into their manicured backyards by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Fox News caught up with at least one local who said she was glad to see the gaggle of border-crossers show up in her neighborhood and finally start drawing attention to the immigration crisis.

Speaking of the migrants flown in on the two chartered planes last Friday, a reporter asked one Martha’s Vineyard resident, “Were you surprised when they arrived?”

“No, I wasn’t," the woman answered, adding, "I actually really praised him for it. Because it wasn’t a stunt. I know the media’s been saying it’s a stunt, but how do you get the attention of the administration, how do you get the attention of Harris, who’s been in charge of this.”

“Do you think she’s been a good border czar?” the reporter followed up.

“It’s really a joke, and everyone knows it,” the woman said, laughing.