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WATCH: Marshawn Lynch Yelling at Young Players Doesn't Equal Abuse - OLF



A football mom was outraged at recently retired football great Marshawn Lynch, aka "Beast Mode," because he yelled - including the use of profanity - at some kids while trying to coach them on the field during a football camp Lynch was hosting.

The mother confronted Lynch by throwing the camp's shirt and storming off the field. Lynch attempted to explain the situation to the mother, but that didn't prevent the mother from doing a subsequent interview with TMZ so she could put Lynch on blast...again.

I am NOT saying adults should curse in front of children.

My entire underlying point is that kids need to toughen up a little bit, and parents need to let them - even if that means initially waiting back to see how they react to certain situations so those people can parent that situation accordingly. We've become too much of a instant reaction society before we even know what we're looking at.

Check out the latest edition of Out Of Left Field, where I'll talk about tough love, loud coaching and discipline.

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