WATCH: Leftists Students Arrested After Allegedly Stealing a Student's MAGA Hat

Ferlon Webster Jr. | May 2, 2019
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Four liberal students at Texas State University were arrested Wednesday after they allegedly grabbed and kicked a conservative students “Make America Great Again” hat, causing a ruckus. 

Campus Reform reports that Tyler M., a freshman at the university, was the one wearing the MAGA hat and captured the students arrests on video as everything unfolded. 

As the outlet reports:

Just before the incident took place, he [Tyler M.] and some friends had walked over to an area on campus where a leftist group was counter-protesting the anticipated protest of a conservative biker group. 

The biker group, named Texas Nomads SAR, states that it "believe[s] in protecting those attacked and targeted for expressing their God-given rights guaranteed by the constitution.

The bikers never showed but students remained in the area. During this time a crowd of leftist students surrounded Tyler M. and some other conservatives.

“That's when I felt someone kind of come up behind me and kind of grab my hat, lift it up, and try to run away,” he said.

Tyler attempted to retrieve his hat to no avail but cops arrived later and asked her to return the Texas State student’s hat. After a little hesitation the girl dropped the hat on the ground and kicked it. At this point, Tyler M. began recording video on his cell phone.

All throughout the video you hear leftist students shouting profanity, crying, and accusing the police officers of wrongdoing. Students appeared to resist arrest thinking that the officers would let them go if they just yelled loud enough. It didn’t work.

The best part of the video is around 3:15 when a female student was handcuffed by officers after she wouldn’t listen when they told her she could not go any further. She then bumped an officer and yelled at him to not “f***ing touch her.”

The liberal meltdowns continue.

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