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WATCH: Leftist 'Activists' Egg and Milkshake Men Wearing MAGA Hats


Assaulting people because they want to “make America great again,” is that really a thing? 

We all know it is.

YouTuber’s “Saleem ’n’ Dion” went out to a corner in Seattle with MAGA hats on to give out “free hugs from Trump supporters” to people who wanted to receive them.

Immediately the men began to encounter the so-called "tolerant" left. Two leftists purchased a dozen eggs from the store the men were standing in front of and began to pelt them (along with a bystander) with the eggs. Later a man threw a milkshake as he passed by.

“We’ve been assaulted four or five times now, just for wearing Trump hats,” Saleem told a bystander. “That’s ridiculous. You can not like Trump, but if you’re gonna assault people over a political opinion that’s a you problem, not a me problem.”

The two “eggers” laughed and mocked the Youtubers as they recorded what was taking place, a bystander confronted them but they eventually reentered the store. Not long after, eggs started flying from the top of the building.

“She hit me with her hand and her palm in the head,” he said. “I’m bleeding!”

“Apparently wearing a Trump hat in Seattle is grounds for assault with eggs and fists, and a milkshake,” Saleem said. “You might not support Trump or whatever, but the thing is if you can’t even express a political opinion without getting attacked — that’s a problem.”

The men claimed to have contacted the police but say they never showed up.

“Seattle Police were called a total of FIVE TIMES altogether over the course of an hour and a half and didn't show up ONCE,” they wrote on Youtube. “WE WERE TWO BLOCKS FROM THE POLICE STATION. Why do we pay these people's salary again?”

I filed a complaint with the Office of Police Accountability and we are seriously considering suing both City of Seattle and the Police Department.”

Later the men showed a video of a man they say followed them. He appeared to be an offspring of the leftist Antifa group. The man claimed to be their “biggest fan” but couldn’t name any of their videos he claimed to love.

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