WATCH: Latest Project Veritas Video Pulls Back Cover on 'Deep State'



“It’s impossible to fire federal employees, I don’t know.”

Those are the words of State Department employee Stuart Karaffa, who was caught on undercover video by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas organization speaking about getting around the illegality of doing work for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) while on the government clock.

“Resist everything,” the Socialist Karaffa said with gusto. “Every level. F**k sh*t up.”

This is part of a multi-part series Project Veritas is doing in an attempt to expose the "Deep State."

Karaffa stated that he felt jaded after “the administration” cut the data analytics program he was working on, so he figured he’d do what he wanted to advance his own agenda.

“So it’s like, f**k that I’m gonna do DSA work at work?” the Veritas reporter asked Karaffa.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Karaffa responded.

The undercover Veritas reporter then talked to Karaffa about how he can get away with doing work for the DSA while at his State Dept. job.

“I mean I do, and I’m careful about it,” Karaffa said. “I don’t leave a paper trail, like I leave emails, and like, any press s**t that comes up I leave that until after 5:30. But as soon as 5:31 hits, got my like draft messages ready to send out.”

It seems as though Karaffa puts ideology over the basic rules of his job, so much so that he doesn’t mind violating the Hatch Act, according to the Project Veritas video.

“Steve, what is Stuart doing that is illegal?” O’Keefe asked attorney Steve Klein.

“Well, he’s committing a fundamental violation of the Hatch Act by engaging in political activity while working for the federal government,” Klein responded.

According to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), the Hatch Act says the following:

The Hatch Act, a federal law passed in 1939, limits certain political activities of federal employees, as well as some state, D.C., and local government employees who work in connection with federally funded programs.  The law’s purposes are to ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, to protect federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and to ensure that federal employees are advanced based on merit and not based on political affiliation.

“The law purposes to ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion.”

Doing DSA work while working for the State Dept. perceivably falls under violation of the Hatch Act.

You can watch the entire Project Veritas video at the top.

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