WATCH: Ilhan Omar Unrepentant About Calling Covington Kids Racist, Continues Praise For Nathan Phillips

Nick Kangadis | February 8, 2019
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Either Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is intentionally lying or she truly believes those lies. Whichever you believe, a lie is still a lie, a narrative is still a narrative, and an agenda is still an agenda — and Omar seems to be guilty of pushing all three.

While everyone was distracted by the excellent, anti-socialist State of the Union speech given by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Omar took literally a minute of her time to answer a question from EWTN’s Jason Calvi about her deleted tweet in which she basically claimed that the only people guilty during the whole Covington kids debacle were the kids.

While Omar did say that she felt “sorry the way that some of them [Covington kids] have gotten blame and hurt,” she basically continued the false narrative of Native American activist Nathan Phillips’ victimhood and heroism as the situation devolved.

“Do you have any message for the Covington students after your tweet criticizing them for racism?” Calvi asked Omar. “Do you have any message for them tonight?”

“The message I have for them is that in life often there are consequences on the way that you behave,” Omar responded.

Omar should really take her own advice, because that’s when the false narrative reared its ugly head again.

“I feel sorry for the way that some of them have gotten blame and hurt,” Omar continued. “But I also recognize that in the way that the video appeared that there was a Native elder who was intervening and really showing care for what it looked like to mediate a difficult situation and I wanted to hold him in space in my heart and to have a conversation about what hate, division in this country looks like. That is often perpetuated by the inhabiter of the White House.”

Seriously? That’s the answer she’s going with? Just look at the part above in bold. Is Omar intimating that young, white males are “what hate, division in this country looks like?” She didn't even mention the racist hate group who berated everyone in their radius, the Black Hebrew Israelites, in her comments. I guess hate only works one way for people like Omar.

Here's video of Omar's comments:

Notice how she ran away as soon as she finished pushing her false narrative. People like Omar don’t want room for argument, much less debate. They want their soundbite, and as soon as it’s out there, they run away like the cowards they are.

Don’t worry, folks. Omar was one of over 50 people and organizations that received letters from lawyers for Covington student Nick Sandmann.

“They know they crossed the line," attorney for the Sandmann family Todd McMurtry said last week. "Do they want 12 people in Kentucky to decide their fate? I don't think so.”

Keep it up, Rep. Omar. You reveal yourself more and more every single day.