WATCH: Gays Against Groomers V. Antifa & Drag Time Story Hour

Eric Scheiner | January 18, 2023
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A clash of rainbow colors and black clad mask-wearers took place in Canada over the weekend.

The Post Millennial reports:

Protests at an "all-ages" Drag Queen Story Hour event Saturday morning at Coquitlam Public Library's City Centre in British Columbia escalated when a group of Antifa activists appeared to attack members of the Gays Against Groomers group who were standing with signs at the event. 


In footage captured by The Post Millennial's Amy Hamm, a group identifying themselves as Gays Against Groomers can be seen holding signs and chanting "Leave the kids alone!” and "They're sexualizing children!"


The group is then confronted by black clad Antifa members and others and a conflict arises.

The Canadian group is reportedly not affiliated with the US-based Gays Against Groomers organization.


The library promoted the Drag Queen story time with the “Unstoppable Conni Smudge” for ages 0 to 8.

“A North Shore icon, Mz. Smudge will lead us in stories, songs and crafts. You will get the opportunity to make your own drag queen doll!” the Coquitlam Public Library website says.

It is not known if any arrests were made outside Saturday's event.

For more information check out The Post Millennial.


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