WATCH: Freedom Convoy Protesters Push Back Against Media Narratives

Nick Kangadis | February 10, 2022

Freedom isn’t free, folks. There’s a lot of persecution and denigration from the people doing anything they can to hold onto power that those who value individuality and the freedom to observe and practice their God-given rights have no choice but to “keep up the fight.”

But, with how much governments around the world — and recently, particularly in Canada — have been pumping out perceived misinformation about protesters — and only the ones they disagree with — protesters have had enough of being portrayed as “insurrectionists,” “seditionists” and “domestic terrorists” simply for trying to save their freedom.

There are multiple examples circulating on Twitter of videos showing either parts of the Canadian government taking away different essentials for protesters, as well as protesters questioning the narratives being put out into the ether by establishment and government-funded media outlets, like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Here are just a few examples:

This man is pushing back against being asked a question designed to steer a narrative that protesters’ children aren’t safe in the city of Ottawa.

Here’s video of a woman explaining why she’s protesting against mandates byt telling the heartbreaking story of how her now-deceased sons slipped back into drug addiction because the government closed down all the facilities they were using to combat their addictions.

This is video of Canadians carrying supplies for the truckers who had a lot of their essentials stolen from them by the government.

And to save the worst for last, here’s a video of police simply taking away fire wood protesters were using to keep themselves warm after the police had already taken their fuel. (Tweet translated from Google: "The police are now stealing wood intended for truckers. It is illegal (even criminal?). Shame on them!")

People are waking up around the globe, and they’re giving resounding NO to the authoritarian globalist elite running the governments persecuting their people by intentionally taking away their freedoms.

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