WATCH: Expert Testimony - Impeachment Case Is 'Inadequate' Lacks 'Compelling Evidence'

Eric Scheiner | December 4, 2019
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The House Judiciary Committee heard from an expert legal witness that the current case for impeaching President Donald Trump is “inadequate” and “dangerous.” 

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University Law School, testified before lawmakers on Wednesday as the House Judiciary Committee held its first impeachment inquiry hearing.

“One can oppose President Trump’s policies or actions but still conclude that the current legal case for impeachment is not just woefully inadequate, but in some respects, dangerous, as the basis for the impeachment of an American president,” Turley said.

“This would be the first impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate and in my view, not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime. Second is the abbreviated period of this investigation, which is problematic and puzzling. This is a facially incomplete and inadequate record in order to impeach a president.”

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