WATCH: A Dude Won Two Women's Weightlifting Gold Medals - OLF

Nick Kangadis | July 18, 2019
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Welcome to another edition of Out Of Left Field!

Recently, a man who claimed he/she is a trans woman won two gold medals and one silver medal competing against actual women in weightlifting at the 2019 Pacific Games. Plenty of people, including women, think trans women competing against biological women is unfair.

Check out the latest edition of Out Of Left Field where I may or may not say what a lot of us have been thinking concerning instances of trans women taking advantage of PC-culture and competing against actual women.

Okay, I totally say - at least what I've been thinking - about the non-sense of biological males capitalizing on their natural physical advantages over the fairer sex.

If you actually take the time and think about it, I'm standing up for REAL women everywhere who could eventually be pushed out of their own sports.

Sources: Washington Times, The Daily Signal on YouTube