WATCH: Don't Trudeau On Me - Canadians Start Worldwide Freedom Revolution

Nick Kangadis | February 17, 2022
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Thanks for joining me one more time for the best kept secret in the conservative movement, Things That Need To Be Said. Depending on your preference, you can watch either Rumble or YouTube versions of this video, with Rumble being the video above and YouTube being the video below.

Authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin 'Blackface' Trudeau has been and continues to do anything and everything he can to hold on to his dictatorial power grab. But, there's been some unintended consequences to Trudeau's actions -- people are becoming awake to the fact they need to put it upon themselves to take their freedoms back.

Check out my latest commentary where I try to put a spotlight on the freedom revolution sweeping the globe.

Don't forget to watch the video above or below. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more!


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