WATCH: Detroit Police SUV Drives Through Crowd Of Rowdy Protestors

Eric Scheiner | June 29, 2020
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Video appears to show a Detroit Police Department patrol car moving through a crowd of protestors that were banging on the police vehicle Sunday night. 




According to the Detroit Free Press:

With the overhead lights flashing, the officer behind the wheel gunned the accelerator, sending protesters flying onto the pavement while others scurried out of the way as the vehicle lurched through the crowd. At one point, the SUV jerked to a stop and then sped away with at least two protesters on the hood, throwing them to the ground a dozen yards later.

One of the men thrown from the hood clutched his leg and limped after he stood up. The other man appeared unharmed. Both men continued to march back to Patton Park.


Officials say the rear window was smashed along with other damage to the police vehicle. The incident is being investigated.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan asked Detroiters what they would do if they were in the position of the police officer. 

"If you’re sitting in that police car and suddenly you’re blocked," Duggan said Monday, "what is your response to this crowd banging on the car and climbing on the car and trying to get at you?"