WATCH: Dem Congresswoman Ruled ‘Out of Order’ During Frantic Rant on House Floor

Monica Sanchez | March 27, 2020
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Representative Haley Stevens (D-Mich.) on Friday was ruled “out of order” after losing it on the House floor prior to the chamber’s vote on the coronavirus stimulus package.

Stevens ranted that Americans must “take this disease seriously” and that she was taking a stand “for every American who is scared right now.” Then, as her voice continued to increase in octave, she told Americans “to not be afraid.”

“Many Americans may perish unexpectedly and suddenly in unfair circumstances. These are not pleasant words to hear — treatments and cures are needed, they will take time. Economic security must be guaranteed,” the freshman Democratic representative said.

“The outbreak of Covid-19 has spread throughout our land,” Stevens continued. “Listen to the scientists and the doctors who have spent a lifetime in this space. Listen to Dr. Fauci, this is not a moment to provide the false comforts of times past.”

As she, “the gentlelady from Michigan,” was asked by the presiding officer to yield to the next U.S. Representative so he could make remarks during his allocated time on the floor, Stevens was unrelenting.

“I request 30 more seconds, because I rise before you… not for personal tension, but to encourage you to take this disease seriously,” she went on. “I rise for every American who is scared right now!”

“The gentlelady is out of order,” said the presiding officer, banging the gavel.

After continuing to yell, Stevens was granted yet another 30 seconds to finish up her remarks. She yelled at the top of her lungs, “Similar times of trying medical needs: wars and flus past. You will see darkness, you will be pushed, and our society needs you to stand together at this time. Our country loves you.”

Holding up her hands to showcase that she was wearing pink latex gloves, “To our doctors and our nurses, I wear these latex gloves to tell every American to not be afraid.”

Sure, yelling at the top of your lungs on the House floor about the coronavirus crisis isn’t going to prompt panic. She did a great job.

The $2.2 trillion stimulus package to help American workers, small businesses, and industries struggling as a result of the coronavirus outbreak passed with unanimous consent in the Senate earlier this week and is expected to pass in the House on Friday.

Watch Rep. Stevens’ rant below.