WATCH: Cruz, Rubio Take Aim at Trump During GOP Debate

Brittany M. Hughes | March 3, 2016
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In a night filled with blistering insults, sharp policy disagreements and more than a few well-aimed verbal punches, perhaps the most light-hearted moment during Thursday night’s GOP debate came in the form of an unplanned (but rather disturbing) joke.

Seemingly fed up with fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump’s habit of interrupting his fellow candidates, Sen. Ted Cruz took a shot at the billionaire businessman during one particular outburst, admonishing him to “breathe, just breathe.”

Not one to miss out on the action, presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio asked the moderators if he could make a point following his fellow Republicans’ “yoga” class.

Regardless of where you stand on the current GOP field, what ensued was nothing short of hilarious.

Check out the exchange in the video below: