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WATCH: That Cringe-Worthy Moment When Pelosi Demanded People Clap For Her


After first chiding us to never yell “Wolf!” in a crowded theater (sorry, what?), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is back at it with a new set of instructions – CLAP, DAMMIT.

In what can only be described as a cringe-worthy moment, Pelosi actually demanded her audience applaud at the appropriate time while giving a pro-LGBT speech last Saturday at a GLAAD event.

“We were very proud of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and President Obama was so very much a part of that,” Pelosi told the audience, before pausing for what was clearly an expected round of applause.

Eeeeeexcept that no one clapped. Well, until she told them to.

“Let’s hear it for President Obama,” Pelosi said, finally managing to elicit a response.

“That’s an applause line. I’ll tell you when it’s an applause line if we’re not kind of in sync,” she added.

Like I said, #awkward.

Twice more during her speech, Pelosi instructed the crowd on when to clap, nervously yelling “applause line!” like a senile orchestra conductor trying to wring that last high note out of a half-dead piccolo player. It was rough.

But not, perhaps, as rough as that moment in her speech when she took a brave stand against “bulleting” gay kids.

The American Mirror put together a fun video montage of the whole super-awkward thing. Check it out:

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