WATCH: Crazy Bike Lady Loses It On EMT

Eric Scheiner | January 3, 2023
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A San Francisco bicyclist made herself a social media pariah by recording herself raging at an EMT in an ambulance parked in a bike lane.

"Get out of the bike lane" the woman yells at the driver. "You're killing us. Get out of the bike lane."

@drivingmzstacey on Twitter, posted the video last week of her ranting, "I am not even half a mile from a home on a rainy day. What the f—k. What the f— k."

In the video the bike supremacist ranted at how the ambulance could be elsewhere.

"Here's an ambulance in the bike lane. There is a business they could park in. They could block the car lane, they could block the non-existent motorcycle park lane."

KTVU reports :

The woman claimed that the ambulance driver was on break, but the San Francisco Fire Department refuted that assertion.

The fire department said on Twitter that its crew was "finishing a medical emergency with a patient care document from a call at that location which is why they moved to the other side of the street rather than engage with you. Have a safe day."


Social media users largely responded with a negative reaction to @drivingmzstacey, who has since made her twitter feed private.

The reports that the bike rider was 51-year-old Stacey Randecker.

'I know that it sounded it crazy. I really admit I had lost it,' she told on Saturday. 'But I don't think people understand what it's like. You're on a bike, in the rain, and the one path that you have is blocked over and over again in such a short amount of time.' 

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Randecker doesn't seem to like obstacles in her bike path or comments on her social media page.

A source told that Randecker is well-known in the area for having an agenda and wants to close the Embarcadero roadway, which runs along the eastern shoreline, to cars.

After watching the video the fact that she demands car free roads really comes as no surprise.

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