WATCH: Covington Kids: Media 'Blatantly Lied' - Has Resulted In Death Threats

Ferlon Webster Jr. | January 22, 2019
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The liberal media has done it again, they’ve gotten another story wrong and now we get to see the consequences of their false reporting.

Two Covington Catholic High School students, Sam and Grant, have come forward to address the inaccuracy of the media’s reporting on the now infamous incident between pro-life teenagers and a Native American elder, Nathan Phillips. 

The media falsely claimed that the students were taunting and showing racist actions toward Phillips but that turned out to be quite erroneous. What followed was a call to dox the students, threats on their lives, and threats to burn them while they were inside their school.

In a recently released video, the students reveal how the negative media coverage has negatively impacted both of them, their families, and their fellow classmates.

“Several media platforms blatantly lied about the events regarding the controversy in D.C. and it has affected us as a community and individuals greatly,” Grant said. 

“There have been many threats against or lives, against or parents. Some of these threats include that we should all be locked in the school and should be burned to the ground, the school being bombed, school shooting threats,” Sam added. “A lot of people are scared to go to school tomorrow and won’t be attending because of what could happen.

The student also mentioned that cops were at the school for safety reasons and they expected more to arrive. 

Grant, who was not at the pro-life event, was doxxed along with Sam. They both recognized the hate and negativity that comes with social media as they were flooded with a “tsunami of hateful messages.”

“A lot of these doxxes have been deleted because they realized they were wrong and they don’t want to face the backlash for it,” Sam said. “A lot of people’s parents were also doxxed, their work was called. This could greatly affect their job, they could be fired.”

Sam ended up hitting the nail right on the head, when he wrapped up the video speaking on how the media screwed this story up. 

“It all spews from a 30 second clip taken out of a 2 hour video out of context and people jumping to conclusions before the full story was released, nobody did their research and it’s now showing.” 

It’s unfortunate these teenagers had to find out the hard way that the media is really full of fake news.