WATCH: 'Control' of the Government Belongs to the People, Not the Politicians

Nick Kangadis | November 7, 2018
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Now that the midterms are over, it might be time to take stock of OUR government. Politicians have moved further away from being elected by the people, in order to help the people, in favor of their party looking righteous compared to the other side.

The politicians are the people's employees. Their motivation for being members of Congress shouldn't be to profit off the power of their positions by attempting to stay in office as their life's careers. Sure, an election is a way for the people to get someone out of office, but the person that usually takes their place just wears a different color tie - or pantsuit.

Check out my latest video as I delve into how politicians have steered the conversation away from being the people's employees to getting elected in order to give their respective parties more power.

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