WATCH: Climate Alarmists Too Weak to Handle Firehose During 'Fake Blood' Demonstration at U.K. Treasury

Nick Kangadis | October 4, 2019
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Well, isn’t that embarrassing? Imagine being so strong willed in your beliefs, coupled with your criminal aspirations, but being too weak physically to pull off your self-righteous stunt. You must be a leftist! More specifically, in this instance, you’d be a leftist climate alarmist!

For those playing the home game, if you correctly guessed who I was talking about before the reveal, then — well, I actually don’t have a prize for you, but it’s Friday and I wanted you all to feel good going into the weekend.

This video of climate alarmists failing at life, and crime, should at least give you a chuckle:


Am I the only one who heard the old “Benny Hill” music in my head while watching that?

So, the video above is of an incident that happened in the U.K. on Thursday, and while they did deface the Treasury building a little with their scary “fake blood,” they also displayed why a lot of people don’t take radical activists seriously.

My favorite part of this video might’ve been where the older gentleman in the red and navy blue coat tried to pick up the hose, but couldn’t handle it to the point that it made him almost fly out of frame.

Apparently, the people that attempted to pull off this stunt are from a group called Extinction Rebellion. I’m not going to go too much into their group, but they apparently “demonstrate” by doing things like the incident above frequently.

It looks like the hose "rebelled" against the demonstrators.

Sky News reported that the demonstrators sprayed 1,800 liters of the “fake blood” at the building — well, kinda. The hose did most of the spraying.

Three questions — a) Can you rent a firetruck? I ask because that isn’t something you see every day. B), did they really expect that 147-year-old demonstrator on top of the rig to be able to handle a firehose? And finally c), why didn't they just turn it off?

Reportedly, the firetruck was an out of commission vehicle. But, I can’t imagine that the government would just allow people to drive a firetruck down the street without some serious modifications. I guess you can. 

Regardless, I just thought all of you could use a laugh.

H/T: Louder with Crowder