WATCH: China Officially Begins Globalist Party, And You're Not Invited - Things That Need To Be Said

Nick Kangadis | January 28, 2021
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Welcome back for another, "very special" edition of Things That Need To Be Said.

If you're lucky enough that the Big Tech overlords allow you to see this video, don't miss this week's video. Communist dictator Xi Jinping gave an address to The Davos Agenda 2021. Think of it as a global power summit where the world's most elite decide your future...and you're not invited to have a say.

Once again I'm going to call out China and its leaders, but I also target the rest of the globalist elite pushing their "great reset" and "agendas."

Don't forget to watch the video at the top. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more!

Sources: WEF (Davos Agenda 2021), WEF (The Great Reset), YouTube (Xi Jinping Speech), Human Rights Watch, United Nations (2030 Agenda), The Verge, Xinhua Net (Xi Jinping Transcript)

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