WATCH: Charles Barkley Clowns Jussie Smollett's Fake Attack

Ferlon Webster Jr. | February 22, 2019
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If you know anything about Charles Barkley, you know he speaks his mind and he’s a pretty hilarious guy.

Last night, during Inside the NBA’s Halftime Report on TNT, we got a chance to see these two traits at work as the basketball Hall-of-Famer joked about how foolish Jussie Smollett was in allegedly paying two Nigerian brothers to fake mug him for media attention. 

While the TNT crew debated which of Barkley’s predictions of the NBA season were the most ridiculous, Chuck added a “prediction” that wasn’t on the list.

Here's how it all went down:

Kenny Smith: Ernie, what’s the most ridiculous one over there that’s still living that you would say has no chance of happening?

Ernie: Uhh…

Barkley: Two black guys beating a black guy up!

Ernie: That’s not on here man.

That sent Shaq and the behind the scenes crew into a laughing frenzy that continued for the next couple of minutes. 

Shaq: What kind of hats they had on Chuck?

Barkley: MAGAs. MAGA hat. MAGAs hat.


Barkley went on to make fun of the Smollett attack and gave America some really useful advice...well, if someone were looking to commit a crime. 

“America, let me just tell you something. Do not commit crimes with checks, come on man. If you’re gon’ break the law, do not write a check,” he said. “Get cash man!”  

CNN’s Don Lemon was worried about conservative media eating Jussie Smollett’s lunch, but I bet he had no idea the actor’s lunch would be eaten by the sport’s media, and in such an awesomely comedic way.

If that wasn’t enough, Barkley had a little more to add — this time to Smollett himself.

“Jussie, you wasted all that damn time and money,” Barkley stated. “You know what you should have did? Just went up in Liam Neeson’s neighborhood. He could have solved all your damn problems.” 

If you don’t want to get made fun of, you shouldn’t do stupid stuff like Smollett did. This was another good unpredictable segment by the always fun Inside the NBA crew.

Here's a little more from Charles later on in the show:


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