Watch: Carlson Slams ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden’s Dissertation - A Prescription For ‘National Shame’


Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson hammered Jill Biden on his Wednesday program, taking apart her doctoral dissertation. 

Carlson read Biden’s doctoral dissertation out loud, referring to it as “our national shame.”

“The very document that made her, quote, a doctor. And what did we discover when we did that? We’re going to give it to you in a diagnosis,” Carlson said.

“Dr. Jill can’t write, she can’t really think clearly either. Parts of the dissertation seem to be written in a foreign language using English words. They’re essentially pure nonsense like pig Latin or dogs barking. The whole thing is just incredibly embarrassing, and not simply to poor illiterate Jill Biden, but to the college that considered this crap scholarship, to the entire system of higher education, to the nation itself. Jill Biden’s doctoral dissertation is our national shame.”

Carlson then hammered Biden on grammatical, logical and mathematical errors made in the dissertation.

You can view it all in the video above.

Below is a clip from the ABC program 'The View', where the hosts became a little confused by the "Dr." prefix before Jill Biden's name.

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