WATCH: BLM Rioters Crash Cars and Violently Assault Drivers In California 'Protest'

Brittany M. Hughes | September 25, 2020
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Aerial footage captured the moment when a driver in a white Prius tried to make their way through a mob of protesters clogging up an intersection in Hollywood. Video shows the car slowly approaching the crowd, bumping into a number of people before finally hitting the gas and making their way through and out of the throng.

But apparently, letting even a single car through the mass wasn’t in the protesters’ plan. Without a cop in sight, the mob began chasing the car as it sped away down the street. Seconds later, video shows the crowd chasing the Prius down with a truck, forcing it to a stop, and began beating on it while trying to drag the driver out of the front seat.

The driver was finally able to get away before being stopped by the police.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, rioters tried to pry open the doors of a truck that was trying to make its way through the mob, causing the driver to hit the gas and speed off, allegedly running over one of the assailant’s toes.

According to local reports, the driver was later stopped and questioned by the police before being allowed to leave, while the idiot whose toes got smashed was taken to a local hospital.