WATCH: ‘Bikes Up, Guns Down’ Takes To Streets




Riders took to the streets Monday afternoon in Miami on dirt bikes and four-wheelers to pull wheelies, drive on sidewalks and ride in the oncoming lanes to send the message of “putting down guns.”

Yeah. Seems logical. Every time a motorcycle comes towards me while doing a wheelie in the wrong lane, I think; “I should put down guns.”

According to WPEC-TV, the event started a few years ago on MLK day  “But the message of putting down guns has been lost or overshadowed in recent years as the riders block traffic, break laws, and put people’s lives in danger.”

“The message that we bring, we try to stay away from violence, exactly ‘bikes up, guns down’,” Joel Cruz tells WPEC.

“We’re not trying to justify the illegal but this is something that we love and do as one. Some people like cars, some people like music, we like dirt bikes and four-wheelers and we just come together to ride. We know it’s illegal but it’s not going to stop and it’s just going to keep getting bigger,” said another rider.

“I drove all the way from Georgia, I heard it’s going to be lit. We’re doing it for a good cause, this ain’t no crime,” said another.

It’s not?

Strange. There are reports of police making arrests in connection to the activity.

There is no word on how many people have been inspired to put down guns due to the event.

My guess is we never will never hear, as that is not really what the event is about. Is it?



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