'You're Full of Sh*t': Joe Biden Yells At a Michigan Auto Worker Over Guns


While touring an auto factory in Michigan Tuesday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden got into a heated altercation with a potential voter over guns, shoving his finger into the man’s face and yelling about an “AR-14.”

“Wait, wait wait…take the AR...the AR-14,” a clearly irate Biden can be heard saying as he wags his finger in the man’s face. The man responds and the audio becomes garbled, though Biden can be seen continuing to yell at the guy over his stance, appearing at one point to call him a "horse's ass."

In another video with a better vantage point, Biden can be heard telling the man, "You're full of shit." When a young woman who appears to be a campaign staffer tries to intervene and shut down the questioning, Biden turns to her and repeatedly tells her to "shush."



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