WATCH: Biden Announces ‘Uh’ 18X In 70 Seconds (Also Announces He’s Passing The Buck On Border Crisis To VP)

Eric Scheiner | March 24, 2021
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At the White House Wednesday, Joe Biden announced “Uh.” To drive home his point, he followed “uh” with 17 more “uh”s in a blistering 70-second time span.

While meeting with cabinet members, Biden also mentioned something about passing off the border crisis problem to VP Kamala Harris to respond to, as she had previously agreed to run lots of stuff for him anyway. 

“I’ve, uh, I said when, uh, we, uh, became a team - got elected that the, uh, vice president’s gonna be the last person in the room,” Biden said.



“She didn’t realize that means she gets every assignment. But, uh, the vice president, uh, and I and all of us here have been working quite hard to, uh, pass the legislation that uh, that is gonna beat this virus, as well as, uh, get people back to work and, uh, change their prospects.”

“And so she’s traveling all over the country, uh, working that. In addition to that, there is about five other major things she’s handling but I’ve asked her, uh, the VP today because she’s the most qualified person to do it, to lead our efforts with, uh, Mexico and the Northern Triangle and the countries, uh, that, uh, help, are gonna need help in stemming the movement of, uh, so many folks, uh, stemming the migration to our southern border. And, uh, you know, back when I was vice president, I got a similar assignment.” Biden said.

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