WATCH: AOC Loses Her Crap After Ilhan Omar Gets Booted From House Foreign Affairs Committee

Brittany M. Hughes | February 2, 2023
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In an epic meltdown on the House floor, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed the usual leftist tropes for her Squad buddy Ilhan Omar getting booted from the Republican-controlled House Foreign Affairs Committee Thursday - and managed to channel her inner Pentecostal revivalist while she was at it.

Bobbing and weaving behind the mic, AOC ranted that her Minnesota anti-Semitic colleague's removal couldn’t possibly be due to anything other than sexism, racism, and Islamophobia. Because, of course.

"One of the disgusting legacies after 9/11 is the disgusting attacks on Muslim Americans throughout the United States of American, and this is an extension of that legacy," she began.

There is nothing consistent with the Republican Party’s continued attack except for the racism and incitement of violence against women of color in this body,” she rambled on, apparently still under the erroneous belief that the Democrat Party holds a monopoly on non-white women in Congress (hint: they don’t).

"I had a member of the Republican caucus threaten my life and the Republican caucus rewarded him with one of the most prestigious committee assignments in this Congress," she then accused.

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Oh, but it gets better.

"Don’t tell me this is about consistency. Don’t tell me that this is a condemnation of anti-Semitic remarks,” AOC began yelling, bouncing up and down and waving her hands like a 1980s televangelist on the last giving Sunday of the year.

"This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America...because I didn't get a single apology when my life was threatened," she hollered.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy kept his promise to boot Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, largely based on vile anti-Semitic comments she's made in the past that even the Democrats Party was forced to condemn, albeit softly. The move comes says after McCarthy removed Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from their spots on the powerful House Intelligence Committee, the former for allegedly abusing his power as the former head of the committee to make unfounded accusations about Russian influence on social media, and the latter for hooking up with a Chinese spy (and for generally being the north-facing end of a southbound mule). 

While Omar might be bummed from getting booted from a committee, I'm not sure why leftists are so up in arms over the un-assignment here.

Just think of it as "some people did something." It'll be fine.