WATCH: Another Bus Full of Illegal Aliens Arrives at VP Harris' Home

Brittany M. Hughes | October 6, 2022
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More migrants began showing up outside Vice President Kamala Harris' D.C. home Thursday, bussed there by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as part of, illegal alien redistribution program.

The 50 or so migrants reportedly all hail from Venezuela and recently crossed the Southwest U.S. border unlawfully as part of the 2-million-plus flood of migrants that's streamed in in the past fiscal year. Some said they were trying to get to other places in the country, while at least one man said he wasn't sure where he was headed, except to find a job.

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NCB News reported:

A young man named Victor said that he came through “the jungle” before arriving in Texas, and that he was given food on the bus and was treated “very well.” He said he does not have a final destination in mind, but is seeking a job. A majority of the migrants on the bus told NBC News that they planned to go elsewhere as well. 

The bus is at least the third to arrive outside Harris' well-guarded home near the Naval Observatory. Abbott had previously sent two busloads of illegal aliens there last month, around the same time Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew two planes' worth into Martha's Vineyard.