Watch: The Ad On Illegal Immigration That Twitter Pulled

Eric Scheiner | June 7, 2017
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Over the weekend, Twitter stopped grieving dad, Don Rosenberg, from promoting his tweets telling the story of his son Drew, killed by Roberto Galo, who entered the country illegally.

According to the Californians for Population Stabiliziation (CAPS), the ad stoppage occurred after Rosenberg launched TV ads in San Francisco last week as local and national news outlets picked up the story. (See ad in video below.)


“It’s ironic. Social media outlets like Twitter say they can’t stop terrorists from using their platforms to execute horrific plots, but in a heartbeat, Twitter can stop us from telling Drew’s story,” said Rosenberg. “Twitter wants to stop us from spreading the story about Drew’s death at the hands of someone who entered our country illegally and was shielded by sanctuary city policies. Twitter calls my son’s story offensive, vulgar, obscene.

In a press release CAPS claims Twitter told Rosenberg that he can’t tweet the ads based on “our Hate, Sensitive Topics, and Violence policy. Violating content includes, but is not limited to, that which is offensive, vulgar, or obscene.”

Don Rosenberg is the father of Drew Rosenberg, killed by Roberto Galo November 16, 2010.

According to CAPS, Galo entered the country illegally and had been stopped by police in San Francisco for driving without a license or insurance, going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Galo was released by San Francisco authorities and charges were dropped. Months later, Galo killed Drew Rosenberg while driving again without a license. Galo, attempting to beat oncoming traffic, made a quick left turn at an intersection, and collided with Drew who was in the intersection on his motorcycle. Eyewitnesses say after Galo’s car initially struck Drew, instead of stopping, he accelerated and ran over Drew. But Galo’s rear tire got stuck on Drew’s helmet impeding the car’s forward mobility. Attempting to flee the scene, Galo backed his car up, running over Drew a second time. He then put the car in drive and ran Drew over a third time, only stopping as a bystander jumped in front of his car. Upon stopping the vehicle, Galo’s front tire rested on Drew’s abdomen. Five bystanders lifted the car off Drew. But it was too late.   

Galo served just 43 days for the crime, he was not deported upon release.


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